coaching sessions

“Each of us inhabits a story. How do you know if the narrative you are portraying is an accurate portrayal of who you actually are?” – Unknown


30 Min Consultation: 

I want to hear from you! I want to know what brought you to the point of wanting to receive coaching, as well as, what your experience with the Enneagram is. I also would love to share with you briefly about myself and my journey with the Enneagram and how I came to be where I am. I believe that it matters that you feel I am the right fit for you in your growth journey. My biggest goal is for you to succeed in growing and learning all about your truest self, and to do that, you need the right coach/person to bring you along in that journey! If you feel that person is me, then let’s continue!

“Explore” Session: 

New to the Enneagram? No Problemo! In this session we will work through the Enneagram and how this ancient typing system works. We will work through how to best utilize it as a tool and resource in your life to be able to better navigate your “internal world” and your relationships with others!

“Dig Deep” Sessions: 

Do you know about the Enneagram, but you are unsure what your number really is? Are you stuck between two types and can’t discern which one is truly you? This first “Dig Deep” session is called a “Typing” Session. We will discover what your Enneagram Type is and how it will inform the rest of our coaching sessions together moving forward.


“Dig Deep Cont.” Sessions: 

This will be a 6 week/session series through personal coaching sessions with individuals, couples, or teams that are familiar with the Enneagram and want to utilize what they know to go even deeper. These individuals will be given the tools to refer to the Enneagram while navigating stress, growth, relationships, conflict, and other dynamics in daily life.

Dive Deep Sessions:

One-on-one coaching with specific goals in mind that relates to any emotional, social, physical, psychological, and/or spiritual conflicts. We can discuss how long your coaching needs might be depending on the goal you are wanting to reach in regards to these types of conflicts (ex. 4 wks – 1 yr).

Collaborate Sessions:

Workshops and retreats for individuals, couples, or church staff members that are looking to intentionally step out of their everyday boundaries of “normal routine” and say, “yes” to silence, solitude, and stillness in order to find rest, security, and love.

Living Room Conversations:

This raw, authentic environment will allow for a group of individuals to come together over yummy snacks and coffee/tea to discuss specific topics of Wellness, Faith, Trauma, Relationships, and Conflict through the lens of the Enneagram. If your small group from church, a group of friends, or your family members want to have a “living room conversation” on a specific topic then this is the perfect thing for you!


  • People that are interested in shedding their false personhood and allow for a process of their true nature to emerge.
  • People that are interested in growing in self-awareness and self-care in order to thrive and be more engaged with their own life and the people that they are in relationship with.
  • Individuals, couples, and leaders that are looking to take their inner transformation to the next level of awareness and growth. 
  • Teams that are interested in understanding one another and working together better and more fully.