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“What you most need to know about yourself can be found in the place you least want to look.”   – Carl Jung

my Story

Over 8 years ago I was introduced to the powerful and transformational typing system known as the Enneagram. 

When I stumbled into it, I was a freshmen in college; eager to learn and grow in order to become the woman that I longed to be. The enneagram had a powerful and captivating way of meeting me where I was at and gently leading me into deeper insights about who I was, why I respond the way that I do to certain situations, relationships, and transitions, and how to move forward. It also taught me so much about how a room full of people can all be staring at the same exact object but have completely different feelings, opinions, and perspectives of the exact same object.

I discovered that people are all approaching life in different ways (or paths, if you will) – All equally beautiful. All equally needed. All equally unique. This was a powerful realization for me to have as a young college student. It revealed to me that no matter what job, relationship, or role I had in the world, there will always be conflict and people who have a very different way of responding to situations than I do. 

Eight years later and I am still learning and growing from this remarkable tool. I am sold out on the belief and conviction that we should all hold a posture of learning for the rest of our lives.


My Journey to Becoming a Coach

Coaching is something that I have gained so much from throughout my life. Coaching allows for us to learn from our past and to choose to continue to move forward into greatness in our present moments and our future. Coaching allows for us to set goals for our life and the types of people that we want to be, and then take action steps to grow and see true transformation come to fruition in our lives. 

I have a huge passion for creating space for others to engage with the truest parts of themselves, and then to encourage that truth to become their most real identity. I want to bring into existence a place for others that are deeply desiring to see change and lasting transformation in their own lives, to engage with and identify the lies that they have come to believe about themselves, and to choose not to live their lives chained and shackled to those lies anymore. 

I want to see people choose greatness over smallness in every area of their life. I want to see people experience what it is like to find freedom through illuminating the parts of themselves that they so deeply hate and empower them to learn how to begin to truly love themselves. In this, they can move forward in the world to bring their truest self to others and be a blessing amongst our world.

– Lexie Shaffer 

Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Counseling and Leadership with a minor in Women’s Studies

Beth McCords; “Your Enneagram Coach” Trained and Certified


  • I was born and raised in California. About a year and a half ago my husband and I relocated to Georgia for his work, and most recently, we have moved to Colorado to be near some of our family and closer to our beloved mountains.

  • I love traveling and getting swept up in the beauty of other cultures. 
  • The rumors are true, I DO have a solid black German Shepherd pup named Kodiak and I am obsessed. 
  • I find tremendous joy and rest while amidst the mountains; whether that is backpacking, hiking, swimming, snowboarding, or meditating out in the woods – I LOVE NATURE. 
  • My absolute love of coffee has led me to work part time at a local coffee shop as a barista here in CO

  • I try to live my life out of rhythms and seasons that lead to rest, silence, and solitude. Nothing in the whole world brings me more joy than spending time with my loved ones.