Welcome to Deep Well Coaching

Discovering and uncovering 

your truest self through 

the reflection and direction 

of coaching via the lens 

of the Enneagram.

Understanding the EnneAgram

The Enneagram (Ennea=9, Gram=Diagram) is simply a navigational system for self-awareness and personal growth based on 9 basic personality types. The Enneagram accurately and clearly describes why you think, feel, and behave in particular ways based upon your core fears and core desires.

The power of the Enneagram is in its ability to channel and transform self-limiting behaviors into empowering life-change.

Meet your coach

LEXIE SHAFfER         

I am an Enneagram Coach because I have a strong conviction to live out my passion of self-awareness and self-care through my giftings of pastoral care and active listening, as well as, coaching and encouraging others to the discovery of themselves through a journey of redemption.

The Enneagram not only revealed to me that not all people operate the same way, but it showed me how through learning about the ways in which I respond, speak, and react to conflict I can more effectively have success in my own life and the relationships that I have with others. I want others to be exposed to the Enneagram and to find true freedom through it like I have in my own life.

why get coaching?

1. To encounter a Safe Space for healthy processing to occur 

2.To be Embraced and Encouraged to continue leaning into the process 

3.To be Secure and Known